Margam Park

For more than a decade the main focus of my work has been capturing British wildlife in reclaimed steel.  One of the subjects which I have returned to throughout my career is the red stag.  Being the largest land mammal of our native wildlife with its crown of antlers, the red deer make the most impressive subject.  I haven’t found a better place in South Wales to find and study them than in the grounds of Margam Park.  Among the park’s diverse wildlife, the Red Deer have been a great source of inspiration.

When the opportunity to exhibit one of the sculptures in the park came about, the idea was such a natural match that it further developed into this exhibition to also reflect on Margam’s gardens.

Named Steel in Nature, this collection of sculpture formed from the contemporary medium of reclaimed steel and steel objects, reflects on the park’s wildlife and is sited in complementary contrast in Margam’s classic gardens.