When I was given the large spiral-welded tube sections from an old wind turbine, I saw it as ideal material to make a horse.

I liked the idea that the wind turbine, which once captured the wind’s energy, was to be used to portray the energy of a horse. As I worked with the form as a bust I applied roofing struts, gate hinges and other bits to introduce the curves of a breaking wave. Introducing cast resin blocks to catch the light was the final element to further express the dynamic energy I sought to portray.

When exhibited at the Work Shop Wales gallery, in 2011, the sculpture was Cold White Horse.

Later that year the sculpture went on to become one of the highlights of the “Art At” visual art show. Held at the Rhosygilwen Mansion in North Pembrokeshire, the art show was held to coincide with the opening of Rhosygilwen’s solar park which at the time was the largest in Wales. The sculpture was aptly renamed Sol after the sun god and was permanently installed at the solar park’s entrance.