Margam Park and Castle

Every now and again I promise myself that I’m going to get out and sketch, and that’s exactly what I did a few weeks ago at Margam Park.  Whilst I was there, I also pinned down some of remaining detail leading up to my new exhibition that opens next week at the Park.  Entitled Steel In Nature, it is a celebration of a 10-year relationship with the wonderful deer at the park and a few surprise pieces for the Castle’s classic gardens as well!



Occasionally, some pieces represent more than just the immediate subject matter I am trying to portray.  The Raven I’ve recently completed has just joined the collection at the Workshop Wales Gallery.

Out of the many steel objects that make up the sculpture, it would be hard to find one that hadn’t come from my good friend Collin Hill from Tools for Self Reliance.

From time to time when I am able to, I help the voluntary group who collect and recondition unwanted tools & sewing machines, which go to Tools for Self Reliance projects in Africa & community groups here in Wales.

Collin [being someone who is of a good green nature!] was happy to find that the tools that couldn’t be fixed for practical use, could find a new place in art.

You can get their details on their Facebook page here.